Movies I Want to Write

Non-ironic list of screenplays I actually intend write. When I'm less lazy maybe I'll use actual loglines.
  1. The one about the fire that consumes the house next door and the curiosity of all the neighbors
    "Light the Way"
  2. The one about adult siblings having to live together and deal with their shit (except not Adult Beginners or Skeleton Twins... 😕)
  3. The one about a middle aged woman who makes an unlikely friend out of a Native American manicurist while on a bachelorette party at Foxwoods
  4. The one about two best work friends having to overcome a work related obstacle together in order to save the company
    "Work Wife"
  5. The one about a dysfunctional family planning a fake wedding to give their early onset Alzheimer's- suffering mom a good memory.
    I don't know, "Uncontrollable Sobbing" probably