1. Ring The Alarm
    Screaming about chinchilla coats. Enough said.
  2. Upgrade U
    Jay-Z on this tho.
  3. Run The World
    I cried to this while on an elliptical. Feminism, man.
  4. Jealous
    Slow and passionate. Good for running.
  5. Partition
    Part 1.
  6. Best Thing I Never Had
    Best thing you never had.
  7. Freakum Dress
    Great because you can envision yourself looking guuuuuud in your own freakum dress.
  8. Crazy In Love
  9. ***Flawless
    Again, feminism.
  10. I Care.
    I DO care.
  11. Diva
    Song makes you sweat just listening to it.