I'm tired of the fking fajitas and ritas haters (u know who u are... @carlsaganlives )
    This is #1 bc we can ALL agree on this point!! Have you ever had a bad time at fajitas and ritas??? Be honest!!
  2. Close to campus!!
    If I'm craving a fajita near Emerson campus where am I gonna go to get it? Maria's? Is this a joke??
  3. Decent food!!
    I'm not trying to claim this is the best Mexican food in Boston or anything I'm just saying that I always enjoy my meals when I go there?!?!?
  4. Reasonable prices!!!
    I've never broken the bank going here on food or drinks can we just recognize that
  5. Strong margaritas 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    It's not my fault if some of us can't drink.....................but those of us who can should be able to enjoy getting drunk here
  6. One server there is really good looking
    This one is really specific but does anyone want me to lose my potential chance at love? Don't be heartless!!!
  7. Endless chips and salsa!!!
    Maybe this sounds basic to YOU but I worked at a Mexican restaurant and this shit was NOT complimentary so I think it's a big positive
  8. Very comfortable!!
    Booths of all sizes so you can go with a lot of people!! And you don't have to yell across the booth.....they're designed well...unlike some Spots...👀
  9. Wowie there's some cool wall art there
    This is one of the more visually interesting restaurants around you have to admit, if you ever get bored there you can entertain yourself with the wall art, not like you would ever get bored there
  10. Maybe if your friend(s) like(s) going there you should just go sometimes and be a nice person
    Some of us agree to go to robo all the time....maybe others could agree to go to fajitas and ritas once and a while......can we mix it up once and a while for chrissake... Thank u for ur time