A Chronological List
  1. Dennis from Preschool
    So small and looked like his parents did not feed him. Have always had a thing for sickly looking boys ever since
  2. Matt from Kindergarten
    Don't remember this crush but DO remember smooching him in the recess kissing war. In first grade he made a Carr/car joke so had to end it
  3. Ben from 3rd Grade
    I wrote Ben a love note that he never acknowledged. Holly Keane found out and made fun of me on the bus. This was a pretty formative trauma for me
  4. Michael from 4th Grade
    Everyone and their mom had a crush on Michael M. I loved him from 4th thru 5th grade. Began alarming trend in my life where I am super into boys named Michael, which is also my Dad and brother's name. Please don't parse this too closely
  5. Pat from 6th Grade
    In 6th grade I was so tall and had crooked glasses. Pat was one of only a few boys taller than me at the time. This crush was born of practical reasons only
  6. Michael from 7th Grade
    Michael H. was my first kiss. We were in Marcy's driveway and I remember being like, "Why is his tongue in my mouth" then I went home to my mom and cried. We never kissed again and I broke up with him via voicemail. Unfortunately not the last Michael I have kissed
  7. Brendan from 8th Grade
    Brendan (a great person) and I dated for a year when we were 14/15 and last year he texted me apologizing for his grammar when we were together. So, I like to think I have had just as much an impact on these boys as they have had on me