@JoeyLyons is from Ohio and I am from Pennsylvania which is maybe crazy if you think about it maybe?
  1. If I walked from my house for five days straight without stopping I could get to Joey's house no problem
  2. He's only one state away from the birthplace of American democracy and I'm only one state away from the legendary Ohio vinyeards
  3. The nice straight border between our states is aesthetically pleasing and maybe so are we
  4. If I dug a tunnel underground to connect our two towns, it wouldn't be that long of a tunnel relatively speaking
  5. Our states share a lake (Erie) just like we share a friendship (with each other)
  6. Just another example of the similarities between us, we both like DC superheroes and the Haunted Mansion, and we're state neighbors
  7. Maybe we could find two really nice high grade walkie talkies that would work within that range of distance and then we could talk to each other. Couldn't do that with our west coast friends, I doubt they have walkie talkies that good
  8. Pennsylvania is not part of New England and neither is Ohio so we're the same that way
  9. We're only a 6 hour drive apart, and if we met in the middle it would be half that long, 3 hours is not that bad of a drive if we ever need to meet up
  10. It's nice to know when most of our friends are going to LA for spring break, Joey and I will be one state away from each other, a united front