1. #24
    Just your classic, iconic Shelley Duvall. No frills or thrills. What you see is what you get with this Hello I'm Shelley Duvall.
  2. #23
    Another classic Shelley, but with added scarf.
  3. #22
    Shelley looks lovely here. Styling on point.
  4. #21
    Shelley injects life into the worn-out overdone flower crown trend
  5. #20
    A similar outfit to #23, but here the gimmick is Shelley fondling her own luscious hair
  6. #19
    Shelley rejects modern gender roles and inspires Justin Timberlake's hit song "Suit and Tie"
  7. #18
    Ranked for the most incredible shoulder pads I have ever seen.
  8. #17
    Shelley sits in a glen surrounded by trees cradling a shiny red apple, like the proverbial Eve
  9. #16
    You might question how high this one is ranked, but look closer. The color coordinated dress and umbrella. The candelabra. The giant gray double doors. Is Shelley shaking her umbrella out in her own personal castle? We can only hope to discover
  10. #15
    Sometimes you can tell what fairytale Shelley is introducing just based on the background of her "Hello," but I honestly have no idea what's going on here
  11. #14
    A cheerful Shelley Duvall sets out to the market (I assume)
  12. #13
    Ranked for the slow pan down
  13. #12
    So much going on. The cottage, the dress, the bowler hat, the rock in the lawn upon which Shelley is perched
  14. #11
    This looks like it could be from a live-action Clue movie starring Shelley Duvall, and now we're all wishing Shelley Duvall was in Clue.
  15. #10
    Shelley looks so fabulous and Victorian-era here. Love how she bursts excitedly through the gate like she just can't wait to say, "hello, I'm Shelley Duvall."
  16. #9
    Ranked for believability. Of course Shelley Duvall could be a beekeeper
  17. #8
    Another slow pan down, but this time we find Shelley in a GRAVEYARD
  18. #7
    Shelley does not look comfortable or natural on that horse, but she absolutely sounds natural when she says "Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall"
  19. #6
    Shelley fits right in with these creepy puppets. No disrespect
  20. #5
    It's a dark winter's night and a lone figure stands atop some sort of snowy wooden table. I almost wouldn't know who it was if not for her professed, "Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall"
  21. #4
    This one is amazing. Shelley looks so happy swinging upon that beanstalk vine.
  22. #3
    Bow down before your generous and powerful liege, Shelley Duvall
  23. #2
    This one evokes so much drama. A figure walks through a dark wood. She weaves through the trees. "Hello," says a voice. She pauses. Who is it? Who's there? "I'm Shelley Duvall."
  24. #1
    In the distant future one woman stands alone. All the battles have been fought. Bodies litter the fields and valleys. Humanity has torn itself apart until only one remains. She stands atop a blood-soaked hill and speaks into the abyss: "Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall."