In freshman and sophomore year of college, I kept extensive and ridiculous notes every time I consumed alcohol. These are there stories. (Feat @livingunderarock , @Bethvita , and @lamegirl1234 among others)
  1. Sept 20 2013: Jake says how does it feel to be the only one in the suite I look sad he hugs says just kidding Olivia will be there. Jake says how does it feel to be the only one without a henna someone mentions Kate I say yeah it's me and Kate it's fine. Will Olivia stay? God I hope so
  2. Sept 28 2013: Everyone's sad?? Idk.
  3. Oct 11 2013: Jake was running around being weird and goes WHY DO WE HAVE AO MANY FUCKING CLEMENTINES. He grabbed the two bags of clementines and put them in Victorias face and then in mine and I was like NO and pried them out of his hands
  4. Oct 12 2013: Dilara fell in the t station and her teeth are bleeding fck omg. Everybody on the T platform is talking about dilaras fall and her tooth
  5. Oct 19 2013: We're there 20 mins tops when the cops come in. I put down the miller I'm drinking (RIP) and head for the door. The cop has the best Boston accent. "If you leave this pahty with a beeah, you'll be arrested fah public intohxication." Olivia is trying to smuggle her beer out and I'm like PUT THAT DOWN. PUT THAT DOWN.
  6. Oct 31 2013: Victoria texted 4 boys from home and said I think I'm lost in life and told me and moon "they all texted me back with really great advice" I'm dying
  7. Dec 6 2013: Me: "I've been the only one drinking it this whole damn time" (about my handle) Jake: "because it's disgusting" Me: "ik but it was free. Because I stole it." Jake: "I know I was proud of u" Me: "me too"
  8. Jan ? 2014: "No bondage here, we usually just go to sleep." - Olivia grace Harvey
  9. May 8 2014: Nick miller mixes red and white wine and julz yells "THAT WAS CRAZY...HE JUST MIXED TWO AND MADE THEM LOOK LIKE ONE" I try to explain how red and white make pink.
  10. Sept ? 2014: "I feel like I'm walking to Mecca and back" -liv about our walk to boys apt
  11. Sept 12 2014: Beth: "I have to say, when I shower, and I see one direction looking at me... I'm okay with it"
  12. Sept 19 2014: Kaela just said something about Mary madgdlene being a prostitute and I was like "LISTEN. EVERYONE WHO CAN HEAR ME ON THIS TRAIN: MARY MAGDELENE WAS NEVER A PROSTITUTE"
  13. Sept 26 2014: Jordyn "If you're in a cult I don't think you can moderate a little to a lot of how much you're in a cult, if you're in a cult"
  14. Oct 17 2014: "You are what I call no inhibitions.  You are what I call I fucking love it. You are what I call a Natasha bedingfield song. RELEASE YOUR INHIBITIONS" - Victoria Hulbert
  15. Oct 18 2014: Did u kno Victoria and Olivia called me a descendant of Martin Luther king jr - Beth