In conversation with myself.
  1. Wow, it truly lived up to the hype!!
  2. "Cool, who did you see it with?"
  3. Oh - uhhh... I saw it at noon actually so
  4. It wasn't a high volume time or anything, the theater was pretty empty
  5. "Yeah but like who did you go with?"
  6. Well. I went by myself.
  7. "Mmhmm. Remind me again how many times you saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier?"
  8. Twice.
  9. "Who did you go with then?"
  10. ...Nobody
  11. "Which time?"
  12. Both times okay? Both times I went by myself
  13. In my defense, the second time I went was because I was keeping an eye on Julz's tinder date.
  14. "But Julz and her date went to see Grand Budapest Hotel."
  15. Well....yeah but I did go check on her in the theater a few times -
  16. "Did you really go just because you wanted to see Captain America again?"
  17. ...Yes.
  18. "Right. And what about the Veronica Mars movie?"
  19. Yeah okay I saw the midnight showing of Veronica Mars by myself too.
  20. These were all FRESHMAN YEAR.
  21. "Yeah, yeah. And what happened at THAT movie?"
  22. Well.
  23. I missed a half dozen calls from ECPD because my ID had been recovered from a drug bust in Quincy, Mass
  24. But it was just a coincidence that someone was being held against their will in that drug house.
  25. "So, it's starting to seem like you should stop going to movies by yourself isn't it?"
  26. I guess it is.
  27. "Mmhmm."
  28. But nothing bad happened when I went to see Star Wars.
  29. So.
  30. I'm gonna keep doing it