Scrambling for some tunes to play for ur honey this weekend? Look no further!! This is my annual, meticulously curated one-hour playlist of my favorite and most classic love songs.
  1. L-O-V-E // Nat King Cole
    I like that we get a very clear and straightforward description of what Love is in this song. Very good if you and your partner aren't sure, or if you are sure and agree with Mr. Cole
  2. At Last // Etta James
    Come on...this song is so good...great slow dance tune, amazing way to describe ur love - a dream and a thrill!! Everything about this is Good
  3. God Only Knows // The Beach Boys
    This song is unimpeachably brilliant in every way (if u don't like pet sounds gtfo). BUT: if you want a slow-down sexier version, Joss Stone has an amazing cover that's less boy band and more R&B jam.
  4. Irresistible // One Direction
    Ok ok I know what you're thinking... What is this... Not only 1D but a super deep cut 1D... Look the verses aren't necessarily romantic but I LOVE LOVE the chorus and I'm obsessed with the production, give it a chance. If u don't like, swap out for 18 by the same band!!
  5. XO // Beyoncé
    This song is so beautiful!!! I know we're all obsessed w anything Beyonce does, but the lyrics and production of this song is so sweet and uplifting... You deserve a Beyonce love song this VDay, let it be this one
  6. Jet Lag // Joss Stone
    I've been obsessed w Joss & this song/album since I was 10 - this love song really really holds up. If you want to get even more low key about this song, I actually prefer the acoustic version!
  7. Where I Sleep // Emeli Sandé
    IMO Emeli Sandé is mad overrated esp in the US. She's an incredible songwriter. I also love that this is like a millennial love song kind of? Not in a bad way, in a cool way
  8. Calico Skies // Paul McCartney
    This song feels like springtime. Paul is literally the master in every era, he has never written a bad love song
  9. Tupelo Honey // Van Morrison
    The bottom line is you need a Van Morrison song in your VDay playlist. Swap out for Crazy Love if need be. Tupelo Honey is my choice because it's my parents' wedding song!
  10. Falling Slowly // Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
    Still so good...if u are looking for an amazing romantic film to watch with ur honey, I highly recommend you watch Once but only if ur comfortable crying together... So SO good
  11. You Really Gotta Hold On Me // She & Him
    There's a billion covers of this song, but I really like the production and duet aspect of this She & Him cover. Zooey's voice has an aching quality to it that is so romantic and good
  12. Maybe I'm Amazed // Paul McCartney
    Simple lyrics, but again, Paul is the master of the love song. I feel like everyone should be this in awe of their partner and this grateful?? RIP Linda also
  13. I Found A Reason // The Velvet Underground
    This is your atmospheric, push the hair out of someone's eyes and gaze intently song (scenario I just came up with for u). Cat Power also does a really cool cover if you prefer her brand of atmospheric song.
  14. Something // The Beatles
    I think this is the best and most honest love song bc he's like "idk what it is about u that I'm attracted to OR if this is going anywhere but I am super super into u!" It's so good...this is when George pulled ahead of the pack IMO
  15. Sea of Love // Cat Power
    I'm super into Cat Power's covers record if you can't tell. I just think this song is so dreamy and romantic. I can't imagine you WOULDN'T score big with this
  16. Can't Help Falling In Love (Live at Daytrotter) // Ingrid Michaelson
    Another cover that is SO SO beautiful. Seriously I like this better than the original and I don't say that often. I saw her perform this live and it was full body chills. Absolutely impeccable live performance
  17. The Book of Love // Peter Gabriel
    LISTEN!!! I literally want this to be my walk-down-the-aisle song at my wedding, this song is so lovely it makes me cry, if you've never heard it before you should welcome it into your life and into your Valentine's Day!!!