If you wanna be my lover you have to attend to my specific whims and desires
  1. Read Young Adult Novels and Chill
  2. Clean My Apartment and Chill
  3. (Solve an) X-File and Chill
  4. Girlbands and Chill
  5. Talk Me Out of My Existential Crisis and Chill
  6. Skype My Friends to See if They Approve of You and Chill
  7. Leave Well Enough Alone and Chill
  8. Give Peace a Chance and Chill
  9. Discuss John Lennon's Major Character Flaws and Chill
  10. Conspiracy Theories and Chill
  11. Harry Styles is Dead and Has Been Replaced by a Lookalike
  12. Chill and Chill