Another #madgelist
  1. Do you even know when someone is flirting with you? They're not just being "nice"
  2. Let's get sexied up
    She claims this is NOT what she said
  3. This is for LA. This is what's gonna do it
    Talking about buying new bras
  4. You need to let those girls breathe, man!!
    Talking about my boobs
  5. You are...there's something wrong, Mary Kate
  6. You are a bright light in his day.
    In response to Maggie saying, "He always says, 'Stop laughing, I'll end you'"
  7. I asked Michael what he wants for Christmas and he said slippers because he threw up on one of his old ones. Then 20 minutes later I asked "What was it you wanted for Christmas?"
    Losing it
  8. Look I'm not calling him up I'm just living my life over here saying I think he's better looking with more hair.
    Re: Nick Jonas
  9. Do you want to go to Quizzo?