My friend Sun was in India for 6 months with little access to the Internet or American media. She asked me to make her a list of all the things she missed (so she can win trivia night). Please help me.
  1. Gwen Stefani divorce and then she starts dating BLAKE SHELTON
  2. The Wiz live was good maybe
  3. Viola Davis won an Emmy!!
  4. Shia Lebouf is very busy doing art like #ALLMYMOVIES and #TOUCHMYSOUL
  5. Carly Rae Jepsen's seminal album E.MO.TION
  6. Hotline Bling
  7. Drake vs Meek Mill
  8. Lady Gaga won billboard artist of the year
  9. Lady Gaga on American Horror Story
  10. Master of None with Aziz! Mr. Robot with Rami Malek! Motzart in the jungle???
  11. WalMart closed hundreds of stores and laid everyone off
  12. Apparently there's videos going around with people dressed as T-Rexes
  13. Bieber is back and cried on the VMAs. Also nudes scandal
  14. Kanye announced his presidency
  15. Will Smith also might have announced his presidency??
  16. Saint West!!!
  17. Lamar Odom went to the hospital with a huge brain injury and then Khloe called off the divorce
  18. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck broke up but they still go on family vacations together
  19. Zayn signed to RCA and 1d announced hiatus
  20. Charlie Sheen has HIV
  21. COOL FOR THE SUMMER and how it's about Demi being into girls
  22. Jennifer Aniston finally got married (to Justin thoreaux)
  23. Ariana Grande had a donut scandal (licked a donut and said she hated America)
  24. Watch me whip/watch me nae nae
  25. Bobbi Kristina passed away
  26. Taylor vs Nicki and then they made up
  27. Nicki vs Miley and MILEY WHATS GOOD?
  28. Gilmore girls revival announced
  29. Adele is back
  30. Willow Smith Beyonce'd an album
  31. Will Smith announced his return to music and that he's gonna tour with DJ jazzy Jeff!!
  32. Amy Poehler never won an Emmy for playing Leslie Knope
  33. Jon Hamm finally won an Emmy for playing Don Draper
  34. Joe Jonas has a new band called DCNE
  35. Academy award nominee Hailee Steinfeld has a popular song on the radio about masturbation
  36. Condom Water Head challenger???
  37. Tracy Morgan he hosted SNL and he's doing great
  38. Inside out and the good dinosaur by Pixar
  39. Fuller house
  40. Leo = bear rape during the revenant
  41. Jaden smith modeled some women's clothes like dresses and shit
  42. Carol (lesbian film) got SNUBBED!!!
    @zappullaj : "it's about so much more than that. It's about subtle glances"
  43. "What are thooooooooose?" Viral video about shoes
  44. Deez nuts? Video
  45. Mad max had everybody flipping out
  46. Amy schumer and jlaw became everyone's fave white girl celeb friendship and they danced on billy Joel's piano
  47. Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber?
    Suggested by   @e_mcgarrity413
  48. Scream Queens maybe if you're into that (I'm not)
    Suggested by   @e_mcgarrity413
  49. After the golden globes thing everyone was like "uh is this the end of Jennifer Lawrence??" and it probably isn't
    Suggested by   @JoeyLyons
  50. Mizzou and #concernedstudent1950
    Suggested by   @breadandsutter
  51. People won't really let Hillary go to the bathroom
    Suggested by   @breadandsutter
  52. Bobby jindal dropped out of the presidential race 😔
    Suggested by   @breadandsutter
  53. Dj khaled everything
    Suggested by   @michael_patrick