Much has been said about Wednesday Hang, including, often, "I can never Wednesday Hang again." The following is evidence that though things fall apart, they keep coming back together every Wednesday because not one of us has an ounce of self control
  1. Jan 27th: It all started out so innocent, with a simple "who wants to get dinner?" Kenzie skipped class because of her hurt wrist and Jack even came! "I get out of rehearsal at 11, will you stay?" He asked. "Sure," I said, not knowing that I was on the cusp of a great legacy
    Look at their naive faces, they have no idea what Wednesday will bring
  2. Jan 27th: Ben, Joey and I wander the streets aimlessly waiting for Jack. We even saw a Stroopwaffle show. At some point I went to the Chinatown liquor store (which would later become my second home) and send Ben this picture, not for the last time asking what kind of Sierra Nevada he wants
    Luckily for @carlsaganlives and his liver, Celebration is out of season.
  3. Jan 27th: At some point things really degrade. "I'm wildly drunk on a Wednesday and I have an 8am tomorrow," I don't think to myself as Joey braids my hair for some reason.
    I honestly have no idea why this came about but I'm glad Hilton was watching over us
  4. Jan 27th: Never to be left out of a hang or a snapchat photo, here is Ben and me stupid drunk on Wednesday, not even aware that this would become a bad habit for all of us
    Jordyn told me this picture was funnier if it was cropped this way and I trust her.
  5. Feb 3rd: "Next Wednesday come over and I'll cook!!" I tell Ben and Joey. The girls of 108 are immensely gratified when they lose their minds over a home cooked meal. Ben falls in love with a stolen beer stein and a shark bottle opener.
    This is the oversize beer stein that I smuggled out inside my coat from the bar I went to on my 21st birthday so it deserves a lot of love
  6. Feb 3rd: Also notable as the hang where all the 108 girls got involved and Bridge in the Fridge was born. "I like those boys," Bridget says when they leave, despite some highly questionable comments from Ben
    Also known as The Wednesday of Chicken Parm & the Birth of Bridge in the Fridge
  7. Feb 10th: The Ash Wednesday to end all Ash Wednesdays. I text my mom this picture of me to prove that I'm the good college kid in our family, despite being in Fajitas and Ritas ordering 3 pitchers with Joey and Beth.
    If you're my sibling reading this list, please don't tell mom about any of this
  8. Feb 10th: A lot happened on that legendary Ash Wednesday, and a lot of it was disastrous and sloppy, but luckily for us Beth took this cute picture where we look friendly and put together. Instagram worthy!
    Look at this bunch of cute friends who love each other!
  9. Feb 17th: On the 17th I make lemon chicken and worry about what vegetables I should cook. I also get insanely wine drunk and invent my new rule, "Don't go in the liquor store if you're already inebriated." At one point I start to cry which is semi-typical Wednesday behavior.
    This photo is part of a larger photo shoot I don't remember posing for, or why I was crying
  10. Feb 17th: I managed to recover, but trust me when I say this is not the sloppiest I got on this Wednesday hang. However, I had a lot of fun and we all watched Zayn. Jack showed up and we played beer pong! Looking back a whole lot happened.
    I remember we turned off the lights and I kept shushing people while Zayn sang and it was crazy underwhelming
  11. Feb 17th: This hang was notable because it's the hang where Ben and Jordyn bonded over all their similarities. It warms my lil heart for my friends to become friends!!
    Sorry this is cropped and flipped weird I don't know how to fix it
  12. Feb 17th: The faces of the two drunkest people at the Hang. "I'm glad you finally see why Wednesday hang is horrible," Ben texts us the next day as we suffer through outrageous hangovers. "NEVER" we both text him back (basically).
    @JoeyLyons in particular went THRU it this Wednesday hang, or the One Where He Had a Cold
  13. Feb 24th: Finally, we get Ben to agree to go to Fajitas & Ritas (otherwise known as the Spot). And when he gets there, he goes total Sleepy Gonzalez. I text this picture to Olivia and Ben has a whole rant about me texting Olivia (another Lowkey Wednesday staple)
    I'm done with this sleepy boy shit
  14. Feb 24th: At one point I leave the Hang to go to the Tam, much to Ben and Joey's chagrin. But I left Bridge behind for some good bonding! "How's it going" I text. Ben sends this photo and I save it to my phone. Friends becoming friends!!!
    I learn my lesson about dipping out on Wednesday Hang when the prospect is met with much disdain by fellow Wednesday Hangers
  15. Feb 24th: Bridge gets a full taste of the on campus hang, including a lot of lazy lounging in the real Spot (Jack's room). She had a good time until Kenzie and I play a strange clapping game and she gets freaked out, so she Ubers home.
    @bridgetkier has the list app now too
  16. Feb 24th: Kenzie got all Tam'd out and Ben was still sleepy boy, but all in all it was a supremely chill hang. Later, Joey and I congratulate ourselves on reaching new levels of great Wednesday Hang.
    I'm sick of this sleepy kids shit!!!
  17. Tune in this week for Last Wednesday Hang Before Spring Break, or as I might begin to call it, Go Out With A Bang Wednesday Hang!