This theory is several years in the making, but it's time to finally let the public know what I know. This proof that Harry is dead comes from the first album One Direction made after Harry's death, Midnight Memories. Pertinent lyrics highlighted. The haters cannot silence me (you know who you are).
  1. Best Song Ever: the first single off the album. "You know I'll remember you" they sing. "I hope you'll remember how we danced" who are they speaking to? HARRY. they hope wherever he is in the afterlife, he too remembers them, as 1D remembers him.
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  2. Story of My Life: second single. "Written on my stone" - I mean, self explanatory. It's Harry's tombstone. The ground that opens wide is Harry's grave. Very telling that Farry (Fake Harry) sings 1st verse. You can only have a song called Story of My Life if your story is already OVER.
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  3. Diana (pt 1): Who is on the front page of many tabloids? HARRY STYLES. How could someone not miss him? They couldn't! Harry's bandmates miss him very much now that he is dead.
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  4. Diana (pt 2): First of many references to fire on the album, contributing to my sub-theory, that Harry died in a fire. The chorus ALSO references "let me be the one to save your life" - probably wish fulfillment for the other boys who did not save Harry.
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  5. Midnight Memories: Sub theory - Harry died at midnight? Regardless, title probably references the boys' memories of their fallen comrade. Here Farry sings nothing's making sense, because it doesn't make sense that this lookalike replacement is now part of the band! Let's just pretend he's the real Harry!
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  6. You & I: "not even the gods can separate the two of us", aka not even death will break the bond between 1D and Harry. Tragic tribute, shows their dedication to their fallen friend. Again: telling that Farry sings the chorus not once, but twice.
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  7. Don't Forget Where You Belong: I think this is the boys imploring Harry to remember them wherever he is in the afterlife. They probably feel really alone now that he's dead.
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  8. Strong: Without [Harry now that he's dead] [the band is] weaker. Obvious. Next.
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  9. Happily: The RECURRING MESSAGE of this song is being on fire. Notable that "Harry" is credited as a writer on this song.
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  10. Right Now: To me, this whole song is about the band missing Harry - would definitely recommend checking out the full lyrics. Here is the chorus. "Everything is new" now that the band has to pretend Harry is still alive in the form of a lookalike.
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  11. Through the Dark: Harry was probably screaming and shouting when he was burning out in the fire that killed him. x2 Fire references...wake up, sheeple.
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  12. Something Great pt 1: The script was written that Harry had to die, but the boys want to go back to the beginning when they first started as a band.
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  13. Something Great pt 2: All of this. "Keep imagining" Harry being alive. "Something Great" - Harry being resurrected/alive would be great. "You're all I want/so much it's hurting" - classic grief.
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  14. Little White Lies: The chorus is pretty indicative - Harry obviously didn't notice the room was burning when he died in it. Also, the title! The band is lying to us about Harry being alive!
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  15. Alive: I mean, THE TITLE ALONE. Coincidence? Don't make me laugh. A lot of this song could be applicable, but I think this section in particular is the band's wake-up call after Harry died. You really realize you have to take advantage of life when someone close to you passes.
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  16. Half a Heart: Another song that's 100% about Harry being dead. I will let the chorus speak for itself. This is how the 1D boys feel without Harry.
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  17. This has been: Harry Styles is Dead and Has Been Replaced By a Lookalike. Spread the word. The people deserve the truth.