An insight into best friendship with @livingunderarock
  1. This one from Marathon Monday that made me feel good
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  2. This one that I think is going to get us a job in Hollywood
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  3. This one is another gem
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  4. This one wasn't to me I just think it's the funniest thing Liv has ever done
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  5. This one where Liv called me a chump not sure why I saved this honestly
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  6. This one about Liv's main Q
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  7. This one is almost a compliment
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  8. This one is Liv's reaction to me kissing Hilton
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  9. This one time when I forgot who I was talking to
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  10. This one where Liv was drunk on my birthday
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  11. This one from Booze Cruise that was nice
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  12. This one where Liv lashed out
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  13. This one is our first-ever conversation and it's so uncomfortable look how far we've come
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