This is a long list but trust me I had to edit it down because I have a LOT to say!
  1. My favorite thing in the world is being an older sister! It is sincerely my greatest source of happiness in life.
  2. I am the oldest of four. My three younger siblings are the brightest and funniest people I know. A lot of people say that about their siblings but I really mean this. Anyway here's a photo of all four of us.
    (Clockwise from left: Me, Peter, Michael, Maggie)
  3. My first brother is Michael! He is 19! He is a freshman in college! He is also on the list app. This is a picture of us on my 19th birthday which might be a little backwards.
  4. I don't remember anything before Michael was born. In fact the day he was born is my first memory! In the end I think this is for the best because you just have a best friend, sidekick and partner built automatically into your life.
    Day one ride or die
  5. Michael is a cool college athlete who is funny and smart, but he's also deeply weird. I always used to make Michael dress up in weird costumes and star in strange videos. (The star of Hug a Cousin & Tuesday Day Live) He has always been game for any scheme, which is amazing.
    Maggie texted me this picture of Michael over the summer and it took me a while to get over it
  6. Michael is kind and loyal. I text him about all my problems. We like to watch a lot of TV and talk about music. This might be weird but I like the way he cares about my friends. I think that's nice. He is a good best friend to have.
    Once when I was ~snapchatting~ a boy Michael said let me caption that and then sent him this. Also I think this is a filter bc no way was he THAT tan
  7. My second brother is Peter! He's 14! He is in 8th grade! He plays basketball! He's the tallest out of all of us!
    This is a picture of Peter on his birthday with some light up donuts
  8. Madge calls Peter her miracle baby. Peter was the first baby I ever spent a lot of time around. I liked it right away. I was never the kind of older sibling who resented having new babies around. He was just this perfect little blonde dough ball
    I mean, he looks like a cherub he's perfect
  9. I love Petey. People think Petey is the odd man out but that's just because he's not as plugged in as the rest of us. He's so smart and sharp. Over break Peter yelled at me for making fun of Arkansas and I asked him if he wanted to be president someday. "It's rigged. You have to be rich to be president," he scoffed. #woke
    This is a picture of me trying to win my brothers affection
  10. Peter likes to try to reject my affection but the secret is Peter is the WORST snuggler. By that I mean the best. He's just a leaner. He likes to lean on people. Michael can't sit next to him in restaurants because of it, but I will always volunteer for a spot next to Peter because I love a good snuggle with him.
    This pic is A Peter instigated snuggle. Not that rare at all even when we are visiting our dads workplace as shown above
  11. This is Maggie! She is 11! She's in 6th grade! She's a dancer! She's also on the list app!
    This is me and @unicorn on her new trampoline.
  12. I was DESPERATE for a sister when Maggie was born. I PRAYED HARD. I was a nine year old with a DREAM that came true. She was the most perfect little baby. She was so chubby and cute. I used to sing her songs to go to sleep and check the crib after she was sleeping to make sure she was still breathing. I could not believe it. It was so awesome.
    I mean! Look at this perfect little chub!!
  13. I like to introduce Maggie to all my favorite TV and music. Maggie is a lot funnier than me and funnier than almost anyone I know. She has always done crazy faces and voices and impressions to make us laugh. Her character Bob Millah is a family legend.
    This is a zoomed-in photo of Bob Millah face
  14. Maggie is cute and cool and just smarter than I was at her age. I mean, as we established, I was just writing angsty bad fanfiction as a sixth grader. Maggie is winning dance competitions in New York and playing on the basketball team and singing in the school's elite choir. She is Wonder Woman, seriously.
    The best way to get a feel for Maggie is probably this Interview I did of her in my senior year of high school. She has big goals!!!
  15. I think my siblings are going to take over the world. They are just literally that funny, smart, and cool. I miss them all the time but I know they're out doing amazing things. As an older sister, I'm VERY lucky and VERY grateful.
    Pictured: our favorite photo of us!!!