If you've read any of my lists, you know I love a good conspiracy theory and have even invented some of my own. I've recently had a #Hiddleswift revelation that blows the rest of my conspiracies out of the water! Read the full conspiracy here (via Twitter): https://twitter.com/notcyndilauper/status/747982438496894976
  1. Taylor's Image Then & Now
    Taylor has always been the "girl next door", but in 2013 she was gaining an unwanted reputation as a serial dater. In response, she spent two years careful crafting a new image based around feminism, female friendship, and eventual monogamy with Calvin Harris. In her own words, "It took a lot of hard work and altering my decision making." Why, then, would she throw that hard work away by jumping into a highly publicized relationship with Tom Hiddleston?
  2. The End of Tayvin & the Beginning of Hiddleswift
    After Taylor & Tom met at Met Gala (May 2), it took 1 month for Tayvin to come to an end. Two weeks later, Hiddleswift went public in a big way and have been photographed together almost every day since. They've jet set across America, seen in LA, Nashville, and North Carolina, as well as in Europe, in England & Italy. They've even met each other's parents, within the span of 24 hours!! Why is this relationship so expedited?
  3. The End of Tayvin (A Further Look)
    Rumors spread that Calvin was insecure about Taylor's success. He didn't go with her to the Met Gala or the BMI Awards, where she was honored. After the breakup, some sources allege that Calvin was suspicious of Taylor & Tom. Further, Instagram comments from his account claimed that Taylor "controlled the media and this situation." (The comments were deleted and were speculated to be a hack.)
  4. Hiddleswift: How Do We Know It's Staged?
    The 1st pictures of Hiddleswift are from the private beach behind her Rhode Island residence. Presumably, a paparazzo could only get there if they were invited - Taylor has had many famous friends over and never had her privacy invaded before. Their recent Rome trip also seems staged, considering they engaged in PDA at the Coliseum, where both had to know they would be photographed.
  5. What Is So Unusual About the Hiddleswift Staging?
    After all of Taylor's work to change her serial dating image, her normal discretion in relationships, and her disdain for "tabloid culture," it seems strange she would publicize her relationship in such a way. Though Hiddleston can use the publicity as his star is on the rise, Taylor currently has nothing to promote and seemingly nothing to gain from the publicity. Unless...
  6. Taylor Is Pregnant
    If Taylor got pregnant with Tom's child during a Met Gala fling, it would be in her best interest to change the perception from "one night stand pregnancy" to "whirlwind romance pregnancy". Thus, the highly publicized romantic photos, the meeting the parents, etc. It would be Taylor's best chance of appealing to her core fan base and preserving some of that "girl next door" image.
  7. To Conclude
    Only time will tell if this conspiracy turns out to be truth. For further info, check out my 6-and-a-half page Google doc explaining this theory in depth (link via Twitter): https://twitter.com/notcyndilauper/status/747982438496894976
  8. #TheTruthIsOutThere