1. Buy an Auntie Anne's pretzel right before I board and then don't finish it
  2. Keep trying to connect to the wifi no matter how many times it doesn't work
  3. Weep quietly for one reason or another
  4. Try to hide my screen from my seat partner even though I know intellectually they do not care what I'm doing on my phone
  5. Put on an emotional playlist and stare out the window like I've recently been hurt emotionally
  6. Send ugly snapchats to anyone on my friends list who will give me attention
  7. Think I am going to do homework and then inevitably not do it
    I did some today so maybe not every time
  8. Check my arrival status every five minutes even if we have been moving at a steady clip the entire time
  9. At some point lose my shit and text someone only in all caps for 20 or so minutes
  10. End up listening to one song on repeat for way too long
    Last time I listened to Rivers and Roads for 45 minutes straight I am not joking about this
  11. Weep quietly about listening to that particular song
    Have cried over the One Direction song "Fools Gold" I'm not proud
  12. Weep a little when I get there maybe
    Lots of crying involved in my travel plans