1. This picture paired with this David Fincher quote: "Ben is very, very subtle and there's a kind of indirectness to the way he can do those things. Probably because he's so duplicitous."
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  2. How did they make this handsome man look like a youthful frog?
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  3. Lex Luthor's hair
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    In my day Lex Luthor was bald, and a cartoon. Not Jesse Eisenberg with fake hair playing Lex Luthor CARTOONISHLY
  4. This statue which seems a little much????
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  5. The implications of this photo!!!
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    *knocks on ur door* do u have a minute to talk about Jason Todd and what his death means for the future of this film franchise?
  6. Who is this???
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  7. How much destruction is going on this time?
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    How many cities must Zack Snyder level before he is satisfied
  8. That Wonder Woman just stopped ALL of the previously pictured firey destruction with just her shield???? Possible?????
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  9. That no matter how much I trash talk this film I am still going to see it because of this photo
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