1. The lights in Jack's room
  2. Jack's dancing!
  3. Running into people willing to swipe me into the DH/texting the group chat "does anyone wanna get food" and someone always does
  4. Julia Getz walking by while I work desk and giving me a lovely compliment
  5. Texting Olivia that someone (Ben) is freaking out
  6. Sleeping on Kenzie's ever-present air mattress on Wednesdays (and other nights too)
  7. Having in-depth discussions over dinner about The List App/our List brands
  8. Bopping between RoBo and Fajitas and Ritas
  9. Fajitas and Ritas
  10. Dancing in the living room of the Ultralight Beam and looking around and it's all my friends dancing around me
  11. Being referred to as the Ultralight Beamers
  12. Dancing around the living room with just the roommates after everyone has left our party
  13. Calvin's hipster playlists
  14. Joey doing his impression of me where he holds up an imaginary flashlight and "INVESTIAGTE" is just implied
  15. Everything about Wednesday Hangs
  16. Grabbing dinner with Isabella where we always intend to go somewhere nice but we always end up at Panera
  17. Big sleepovers and group meals
  18. Everyone randomly starting to sing the Yoda song at any moment
  19. Kenzie visiting me while I work stairs and having good chats
  20. Getting Ben to speak right into the mic
  21. The excitement and anticipation pre-clubbing
  22. When Beth would take Ashley's 10-12 on Tuesdays and it would be such a pleasant surprise
  23. The ladies at the Chinatown liquor store
  24. Dominating beer pong with Jordyn especially VS Ben and Dallis
  25. Having an inordinate amount of people on my twin bed
  26. Anybody being like "okay this is my new song" and introducing the rest of us to new music
  27. People's venmo captions when they pay me for alcohol
  28. All of us sitting around watching Joe's newest crazy thing and flipping out a little bit
  29. Monday nights with Jordyn watching Teen Wolf (moved to other nights when necessary)
  30. Fire Witch Burn
  31. Just kidding. I won't miss that.