An Ongoing List
  1. Seven separate scenes in The Parent Trap (Lohan version)
  2. Me crying
  3. Me getting a good grade on a paper
    Happened this year / I'm a 21 year old woman
  4. Loving my best friend Moon
  5. When the Rock's daughter has an allergy attack in the movie The Game Plan
  6. My sister's dance recital solo
    I did too a lil bit
  7. My brother's graduation
    I did too a lil bit
  8. Saying hello to me at an airport
  9. Saying goodbye to me at an airport
  10. The potential power of prayer in my life
  11. Me getting into the LA program
  12. Me giving her and my dad a hug
  13. Finding out Marcy performed her thesis
  14. Several seconds later because Marcy is such a good friend to me and "because she's here" at the bar
  15. 20 mins later about Marcy's friendship again
  16. The "core friendships" I made in high school who are "such amazing women"
  17. When she saw that I shaved the back of my head