Based on his new HBO doc "Rock and a Hard Place," I've come up with a few more starring vehicles for my favorite person in the world
  1. Check this Rock
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson helps people pick out engagement rings for their fiancés and helps plan surprise engagements
  2. Rock the Kasbah
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson interviews music groups before they perform at the Kasbah
  3. It's a Hard Rock Life
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson tries his hand at different menial, minimum wage jobs
  4. A Little Bit of Rock & Roll
    Alternate title for the show where Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson interviews music groups, but not dependent on being set at the Kasbah
  5. Cleveland Rocks
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson stars in Portlandia-esque sketch comedy show playing various different characters
  6. Rock Rock, Who's There?
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is coached in comedy by the world's foremost stand up comedians, ending every episode with a stand up set from the Rock himself
  7. Rock Bottom
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson stars in an uplifting series about helping those down on their luck get back on their feet
  8. Get Your Rocks Off
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson explores the seedy underbelly of sexual kinks with his usual charisma & a good dose of skepticism
  9. Off Their Rockers
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson inherits Betty White's prank show for old people. It's still exactly the same but the Rock hosts it now
  10. On the Rocks
    Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson becomes a mixologist and bartends celebrity parties, charming them into revealing intimate details about their lives