with contributions from Beth L. Vita
  1. ABBA is four body snatchers who got away with it their entire career
  2. ABBA is four serial killers trying to rehabilitate each other and failing
  3. ABBA is four aliens studying earth culture through the power of music
  4. ABBA is four robots attempting to imitate human emotion
  5. ABBA is four siblings who have done inappropriate things together
  6. ABBA is four swingers who are all sleeping with each other
  7. ABBA is four plant-based organisms that were grown in a lab
  8. ABBA is four people in an iconic 70s disco-pop band
  9. ABBA is four humanoids hired to entertain Dick Cheney after he made money off the Iraq war
  10. ABBA is four Interactive animatrons that went too far