U know how Aaron Sorkin's pretentious ass always writes episodes with this title? Well here is my version (better? U decide) about early arrival week.
  1. I celebrated Sebastian's birthday almost every single night I've been back.
    Great, but somewhat tiring!
  2. For the first three days I didn't have any real meals.
    The day I had a Starbucks croissant for breakfast and movie popcorn for lunch was probably the most alarming. Very Bad.
  3. I lived with two different couples in my apartment.
    Being the fifth wheel is not that cool and made me mostly want to not be there? So I would say not good.
  4. The boy I used to be super into patted my knee and said "You're not safe. Well no one is. Except for guys."
    Not great because it forces me to question what attracted me to him in the first place.
  5. I saw Star Wars by myself.
    Fun, but somewhat sad?
  6. I spent hours alone in library study rooms watching TV on my laptop.
    Fun, but somewhat sad?
  7. I got to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in a long time!
    This was really good!
  8. I drunkenly got McDonalds alone at 11:30pm.
    This was not really good.
  9. I had Fajitas & Rita's three nights in a row.
    I have mentioned to many people that I want this to be the Spot so on one hand it was good but on another hand, maybe too much?
  10. Learned a lot about people's state songs.
    No one really knows them except for Alaska and to a lesser degree Maryland. I feel neutral about this.
  11. I finished the X-Files which I have been watching since last September.
    Cathartic and amazing. Good and bad since what will I do now that I'm finally done? Leaning towards good because the new reboot season airs really soon.
  12. I got up consistently at 6:30 for work.
  13. I spent so much money going out to eat every single day.
    Really really bad. Also have to pay for drinks which is double bad.
  14. I went to the Tam for the first time.
    Was only there for a few minutes so I'm not sure but I guess this is gonna be the Spot this semester. I think this is good.
  15. Looking back I can only say, what kind of week HAS it been?
    This list did not help me figure it out. Not good.