A Conversation I Just Had With My Ride Share Driver

  1. Driver: "Oh yeah, I don't need the GPS. I've lived here for twenty years so I know all these streets like the back of my hand."
  2. Me: "Cool, what part of town do you live in?"
  3. Driver: "Well actually I live in (another city in Texas) now but I used to live here. Yep, I know all these streets super well."
    (Misses the turn)
  4. Me: "Oh, nice. Did you live around here?"
  5. Driver: "No, I lived out in (way far out suburb three zip codes over). But I worked in the service industry so I drove through these neighborhoods all the time."
  6. Me: "Oh, cool. Were you a driver?"
  7. Driver: "No, I was a waiter."
  8. Me: "Okay."
  9. Me: ...
  10. Me: "Yeah, just turn right up here."
  11. Driver: "OH, I KNOW."
  12. Me: