(Bc I feel guilty for posting a list that called her out)
  1. She raised me in a pack of mothers.
  2. Meaning, all of my friends' moms were her friends and they decided to raise us all together.
  3. They all traded off cooking family dinners and carpooling us places.
  4. They filled in for each other's weaknesses and lifted us all up.
  5. My mom was not good at picking me up on time. But my friend Via's mom was. So Via's mom picked us up from school and made a fun afternoon out of the ride home.
    I still love visiting her house. She is my Mama Tay.
  6. My mom was not great at listening to her kids. But my friend Emily's mom was, so she held my hand and would reliably listen to my thoughts and feelings for as long as it took and give these insane hugs.
    I still call her first when times are tough. She is my Mama Anne.
  7. My mom wasn't great at the birds and the bees. But my friend Margaret's mom was hilariously honest and one time brought a giant fake vagina to her house to show us how to put tampons in it. I'll never forget her booming, "ALWAYS FRONT TO BACK."
    She still cracks me up. She is my Mama Ginny and she is the person I called when I knew I needed birth control.
  8. My mom WAS great at helping us with homework and nailing creative projects. She would help all of us make sure we stayed at the top of our class and that we were truly enjoying what we were learning.
  9. I think about this a lot when I think about raising kids. It takes so many roles to provide a kid with everything they need. The solution my mom and her friends came up with was not only smart, but unbelievably loving.
  10. They worked together to give us what they couldn't be.
  11. I feel incredibly grateful for that.