All the Things I Cannot Do Since Learning That I Have a Stalker

I can be really, really pissed off.
  1. Share any details about what happened.
  2. Share any details about what's happening now.
  3. Share how this person made me feel.
    Because I don't want to risk giving them that satisfaction.
  4. Share any details about what I plan to do about it.
  5. Sleep in my bed.
  6. Sleep in my house.
  7. Live in my house.
  8. Go to my house alone.
  9. Drive in my car alone.
  10. Walk my dog in the neighborhood.
  11. Walk my dog in any neighborhood, alone.
  12. Walk to my car alone.
  13. Walk in a parking garage.
  14. Sit anywhere in a public place that makes me visible from afar.
  15. Post on Instagram.
  16. Post on Facebook.
  17. Post on Snapchat.
  18. Tell my friends or family anything about my whereabouts or planned movements over text message.
  19. Tell my friends and family what's happening with this situation over text message.
  20. Get my credit report online.
    Because it's filled with fraudulent information I can't verify in the security questions.
  21. Eat any of the food I bought before the incident.
  22. Feed my dog any of his food I bought before the incident.
  23. Keep any of the passwords that made sense to me or were easy to remember.
  24. Exhale.