Right place, right time, zero selfies to show for it. Thanks for the LR and inspiration @aus10 !
  1. Alan Alda
    I sat next to him on a plane when I was 14. He was reviewing blueprints for a house and he let me have his peanuts. Very pleasant.
  2. Amber Heard
    We went to private schools across the street from each other Jr & Sr year of high school. The girls in her school were cruel to her bc she was pretty and from the country. She is probably still the best-looking human I've ever seen in real life. We would meet up after school and do our homework together at a coffee shop called Spider House. She left to model for Abercrombie in NYC and, after a few years, we lost touch. She was a very kind and loving person and I feel for her right now.
  3. Dave Eggers & Dennis Quaid
    In high school, I went to a weird keg party that was a joint party for a girl's 18th birthday and her dad's 50th birthday. No idea who the girl or dad were but Dave Eggers, Dennis Quaid, & my state representative were in attendance. It ended in Dennis Quaid leading a white blues guitar singalong at 2 am? Super strange. Dave Eggers was very kind to a 18 yr old fan girl who loved HWOSG.
  4. Michelle Obama
    After graduating from UT in 2007, I spent the summer working for the Obama campaign in the office on campus. This was early on in the primary, Obama was still the underdog and Michelle hadn't made any public appearances. One day, they told us a VIP would be coming in that afternoon and a few hours later, Michelle Obama glides in and gives the most inspirational speech I've ever heard. There was lax security so we all got to meet her. She was radiant. I was totally floored. ✨
  5. B.D. Wong
    I love Law & Order, like all sentient humans. I walked up out of the subway in NY and he was standing at the top of the steps. With no chill, I blurted out, "You're B.D. Wong." And he replied, "Yes, I am." I said, "Alright." Then we both went on our way.
  6. Adrien Brody
    I was standing in the checkout line at Whole Foods and the guy in front of me started freaking out. Just, no chill whatsoever. I turned around and Adrien Brody was behind me in line. The guy in front of me launched into where Adrien should buy juice while in Austin and he patiently listened and was very kind. Dressed in old sweats (he was beefing up to play Arnold Schwarzenegger's role in Predator), I would never have recognized him. Very self-effacing & funny & apparently a big Arnold fan.
  7. Josh Tillman (Father John Misty) & Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent)
    I met them at Willie Nelson's ranch during a concert there, right before Fear Fun was released. Josh Tillman was opening for Phossie playing an acoustic set of songs that would later appear on Fear Fun. The crowd was truly bewildered and started thinning out. I was behind Matthew Houck at this show and I just tapped him on the shoulder and told him I was a fan. He introduced me to Josh after and we partied all night. It was super fun.
  8. Ryan Gosling
    A friend's band was playing at FunFunFun fest and gave me an extra artist pass. RG was filming a Terence Malick movie there, so security had everything blocked off. I went to go watch the metal stage—the only side stage I could access. I bumped into a friend from another band and started chatting. RG walks right up to us and tells my friend he is a big fan. My friend leaves and then it's just me chatting with RG for an hour. Surreal af. A friend sent me this—the back of my head & RG.
  9. Robert Plant
    He used to live across the street from me when I was a florist. He wanted an arrangement so he came over to my house in tennis gear and stayed for 3 hours art directing the arrangement. I had a really hard time deciding what music to play when Robert Plant came over. After this, he used to call and leave me funny voicemails, which I have saved on my old phone. I wrote more about this, here: 🌸🌷🌹Highlights From My Former Life as a Hipster Florist🌸🌷🌹
  10. Jenny Lewis
    My friend bailed on me and I went to one of her concerts alone. A guy started hitting on me at the bar who turned out to be her stage manager. He let me stand on the stage during the show and I sang every word. Afterwards, she came over to me and told me I was really cute (!!!) and that the stage manager was a creep (ha!) and invited me onto her tour bus to hang out and get away from him. We watched election results come in and she told me she liked my scarf. She was awesome.
  11. Amy Poehler
    THE MOST NERVOUS I HAVE EVER BEEN. I was basically Leslie Knope with Joe Biden. I literally was the only other person sitting in a private hotel bar with her for an hour and I never could work up the courage to go up and talk to her because she looked exhausted like she just wanted to chill and I just wanted to respect her but also hug her. She left a big tip for the bartender and after she left we both lost all our cool and became little girls who could not believe what had just happened.
  12. Leon Bridges
    My friends play in his band. When they first started playing shows, I liked his style and got him to commit to doing an interview and photo shoot with the company I was working for at the time. It was the morning of his first gig at SXSW, his life totally changed that afternoon as he played his first big show ever. But he was still a wide-eyed sweetheart during the shoot. You can read the interview here (questions not mine): http://bygeorgeaustin.com/blogs/all/66168261-leon-bridges-for-bygeorge
  13. David Chang
    I was at a bar and said to my friend, that's David Chang. It turns out my friend had been seated next to him on a flight that morning & said hi. We ended up going to dinner with him & his team the next night. I get why he comes across as an ass but he's really not. I loved how much he loved his dog. We went to this Soho House thing and the chef was a guy that blew me off in LA years ago and all he wanted to do was meet David Chang. DC made him apologize to me in front of everyone. 🙌🏻
  14. Tommy Lee Jones
    I went to lunch at a restaurant in San Antonio in my family's neighborhood, La Fonda on Main. Mr. Jones was seated at the table next to me and the rest of the restaurant was empty. He seemed to be in a terrible mood so we didn't approach. He was drinking straight tequila at 11:30 am. Now THAT is a Texan.
  15. B.J. Novak
    I went to a dinner party during SXSW and was seated next to B.J. I had already joined li.st and was a big fan of his book and he was every bit as nice and funny as I expected him to be. I got a little anxious and felt like I was really awkward and not great with the small talk! Sorry about that, @bjnovak ! Anyway, it renewed my interest in li.st and here I am...
  16. Cuba Gooding, Jr. & Hill Harper
    Hill Harper was at my friend's birthday party in NYC. I guess he invited the stewardess from his earlier flight? That stewardess accompanied our group to the club, where I watched her hook up with Cuba Gooding, Jr.
  17. Aziz Ansari
    I was at the atrium in the lobby of the Bowery hotel. It was packed and Aziz was looking for a place to sit, avoiding the crowds and being assisted by the hostess. The *only* open space was next to me on a couch. The hostess pointed it out, he declined. Ouch 😐
  18. Nick Kroll
    Literally just walked past him in a bar here in Austin and did a double take and made some awkward eye contact. No great story—my confidence is shaken, now (thanks, Aziz!)... Better looking in person and taller than I expected.
  19. Candice Bergen & Dick Wolf
    I am going to meet my friend for lunch at one of those power-lunch places on the Upper East Side, Michael's. It's raining and I just had my shoes re-soled. I walk in, hand my coat to the coat check girl, then walk down the steps, tripping on the last step and literally falling flat on my face. The entire restaurant stops, gasps, and someone yells "Oh, shit!". I look up and Candice Bergen & Dick Wolf are staring down at me with horrified looks on their faces. I ruined Murphy Brown's lunch, y'all.