1. Look flawless. But don't take more than ten minutes to get ready.
  2. Get a boyfriend. But don't actively seek male attention.
  3. Be social, popular, and well-liked. But study hard, do a ton of extracurricular activities, and don't run with the party crowd.
  4. Be sweet. But don't be boring.
  5. Work on your tan. But stay out of the sun.
  6. Speak your mind. But not if you're going to be critical.
  7. Love your body. But change anything that jiggles or sags.
  8. Getting your period is an important milestone. Never acknowledge its existence.
  9. Wear make-up. But only in a way that makes it seem like you're not wearing any make-up.
  10. Be athletic. But don't be competitive.
  11. You are beautiful, inside and out. But no one wants to see your zits or hairy legs, okay?
  12. You should have a multi-step beauty routine you perform twice a day and a few beauty professionals you visit monthly. But stop spending so much money. And don't be so vain.
  13. Be intelligent. But don't be intimidating.
  14. Be confident and be yourself. But here are 10 tips to lose 10 pounds.
    Suggested by @dubstep
  15. Live a balanced life. Make sure you get plenty of rest. But wait, why did you get a 99? Why didn't you get a 100? What did you miss?
    Suggested by @brightlyanna
  16. Be smart. But don't try hard.
    Suggested by @poppy
  17. That you are beautiful, but never voice this. Your don't want to seem conceited.
    Suggested by @jasminecruz