Feelings I've Had Since I Stopped Dating

I decided to take a break from dating apps back in April to give myself some space and time. Here's the breakout:
  1. 70%: What am I going to watch tonight
  2. 10%: I'm so profoundly glad I don't have to deal with anyone else's bs right now
  3. 6%: I guess I'll just work this weekend?
  4. 5%: Researching plastic surgery online, just in case no one is telling me I need it
  5. 4%: Okay, so now all of my exes are officially married. Even the ones with "commitment issues".
  6. 3%: HELLO you chose this, and it feels right. Calm down.
  7. 1%: Did I accidentally dress too much like a lesbian again?
  8. 1%: What is my high school crush up to tho