Hotels I Really Want to Visit

Staying in old-school, proper hotels has been my favorite pastime since I was a kid. They totally enthrall me and I am constantly looking forward to the next one. Here's the bucket list...
  1. Colombe D'Or, Saint-Paul de Vence, France
    This 1920's cafe-turned-hotel in Provence boasts one of the best art collections in the world because artists like Picasso, Matisse, and Miró traded artwork to pay their tabs.
  2. Le Sireneuse, Amalfi
    Looks stunningly beautiful and has its own parfumerie.
  3. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur
    I've been to Big Sur many times but have never been able to shell out the cash to stay at this architectural gem. Someday...
  4. Ocean View Club, Harbour Island
    Totally secluded and under the radar. Perfect for a week of drinking rum and getting lost on the beach.
  5. Hotel Lungarno, Florence
    When I studied abroad in Florence, this was on my daily walk and I fell completely in love with this charming, old-school European hotel.
  6. Crosby Street Hotel, NYC
    Because I get energy from being in beautifully-designed rooms.
  7. The Carlisle Hotel, NYC
    So many reasons.
  8. Cheval Blanc, St. Barth
    I ate lunch here once and totally swooned over the entire hotel. It's crazy expensive and owned by LVMH but still... Every detail is perfect.
  9. Soniat House, New Orleans
    Because I am a sucker for courtyards, terraces, and French doors.
  10. Claridge's, London
    Sets the bar for old-school, swanky, European hotels, which is, incidentally, my favorite type.
  11. The Beverly Wilshire
    I've had the chance to stay in many great hotels in LA, but this place feels like a classic. Joan Didion's choice.
  12. Bowery Hotel, NYC
    Mostly to hang out at the bar and order from the bangin room service menu.
  13. Park Hyatt, Tokyo
    Because I am a cinephile.
  14. The Raleigh, Miami
    Mostly because of Instagram, if I'm being honest.
  15. Poetry Inn, Napa
    Supposed to be the best in Napa.
  16. The Ritz, Paris
    Just for one night, for nostalgia's sake.