I Became an Aunt Yesterday!

  1. Woke up to this text from my brother on Friday... my SIL went into labor at 1 am and they went into the hospital around 5.
    My mom and I were like "update after she's born" my ass and we headed to the hospital.
  2. We waited in the labor & delivery room all day Friday. We read a million magazines and probably played forty rounds of Egyptian Ratscrew & Gin Rummy.
    My brother would occasionally give us an update. At first he was very guarded about sharing information and told us they were going to keep all their medical details to themselves. But eventually he began to share what was going on.
  3. My mom and I took a break for a bit to pick up some dinner for us and them and to go buy fancy cigars for my brother.
    I thought I took a lot of photos cigar shopping but I guess not? I liked this logo. Everything was kind of a blur, tbh.
  4. At 1:45 am he texted to let us know they were going in for a C Section.
    At this point my SIL had been in labor for 24 hours and things were stalling out. Time to go get our girl!
  5. At 3 am we were still waiting... my 66 yo mom doing her best to stay awake. Luckily we thought to make a Starbucks run around 10 pm.
  6. And then at 3:10 am, we got this!!!
    I was in the bathroom and I am not even kidding my mom almost just left me behind lol. She was READY.
  7. We rushed over to the window and both started laughing/crying as soon as we saw her!!!
  8. Look at how in love my brother is!! 😍
    Watching him tend to her and hold her was truly one of the most tender things I have ever seen. I've never seen my brother be so vulnerable! I was a sobbing mess.
  9. Meet my niece, Scout Magnolia Paynter!!
  10. My brother was adopted so, on top of being a dad, finally having a family member who looks like him has been really meaningful. This is him at just a few days old!
  11. Then we found out she was having some trouble breathing. Very scary at first for everyone. My brother wins for best daddy ever for catching it when the nurses didn't the first time he held her in his arms.
    She's been in NICU for the last 24 hours but things are progressing and she's getting much stronger every hour. She's nursing really well so hopefully that means she can get off an IV and oxygen mask today.
  12. I feel for my brother and SIL, anything abnormal with your brand new baby feels devastating. But they are doing a great job taking care of her and taking care of themselves.
  13. Babies are amazing! I'll update when I get to meet her!
  14. Here she is ❤️❤️❤️
  15. @nikkilounoel she's home, all better! I got to feed her and swaddle her up and cuddle her tonight, such a treat!!