1. She
  2. Pulls
  3. Me
  4. Back
  5. In
    (I rabidly ate the snickers before it occurred to me I would need to photograph them) (can I blame this on low blood sugar or something?) (no eff the patriarchy not ashamed I love snickers)
  6. 💝💝💝MARY POWER 💝💝💝
    @poweronyourvcr what did I do to deserve you as a pen pal???? I love it all. So much. Especially the mix and the dELia*S style title and the pins. And the soap. And obviously, the snickers.
  7. PS: many of my favorite people have played the Bluebird Café and I have always wanted to go! I'm just gonna frame this card and use it as a print, k?
    PPS: do you know how *relevant* the hairspray pin is to my love life
  8. Now excuse me while I go catch up on all your lists bc I am super curious about international galavanting... expect a lot of likes ❤️❤️❤️
    And follow me on Instagram so I can follow back @marykathrynpaynter