1. Long and pleasant phone conversations.
    Preferably with friends or family but I like getting surprised by friendly strangers, too!
  2. Q-tips.
    For all the wrong reasons.
  3. Velvet upholstery.
    So luxxxx.
  4. Presentations in PDF format.
    Still do not believe PowerPoint is necessary software.
  5. T Magazine.
    Deborah Needleman is *killing it*
  6. Marble countertops.
  7. Big dogs.
    Who snuggle.
  8. Stains on the pages of my cookbooks that remind me of a really great meal.
  9. Watching how other people experience public art.
    Like my friend Nellie here.
  10. Perfectly catching an underhand toss of a household item.
    So satisfying.
  11. This emoji 🌞
  12. Imagining the meetings that spawned famous ad campaigns.
    "Like, what if all he says is, 'WHASSSSSSSUP?'"... "Oh, Todd. That's brilliant."
  13. Casually great amateur pianists.
  14. Those velvety blankets all hotels used to have.
  15. Knowing a city by neighborhoods.
  16. Alec Baldwin's voice & mannerisms.
    Especially his hyena laugh. You can binge on all three with his stellar podcast, Here's The Thing.
  17. Hitting every word of a particularly difficult rap
    Suggested by @poppy
  18. When you try a new beer, with slight worry that it's not going to be as good as something you know. But as soon as you take the first sip, it hits the spot soo good. And then you have just rewarded yourself for taking a small risk. 🍻
    Suggested by @im_yon