My Instagram Life vs. My Real Life

  1. Instagram Life: My Dog
  2. Real Life: My Dog
    Praying he doesn't fart while I take this photo
  3. Instagram Life: My Grandmother
  4. Real Life: My Grandmother
  5. Instagram Life: My Work
  6. Real Life: My Work
    AKA what I actually do all day
  7. Instagram Life: At a friend's wedding
  8. Real Life: At a friend's wedding
    Sending drunk selfies like it's going out of style (it's not) (it might be).
  9. Instagram Life: Photographing My Lunch
  10. Real Life: Photographing My Lunch
    Standing on a chair in the middle of a restaurant
  11. Instagram Life: My Trip to NYC
  12. Real Life: My Trip to NYC
  13. Instagram Life: Family time
  14. Real Life: Family time
    Brought to you by my anxiety medication