1. Spend less than I make, every time I get paid.
  2. Get out of debt.
  3. Build up my emergency fund.
  4. Save more than half of a down payment.
  5. Pitch at least 2 new clients a month.
  6. Brand my business and announce its launch.
  7. Start my mornings with a smoothie, coffee, and a lot of water.
  8. Be more consistent.
  9. Go to the dentist regularly.
  10. Play tennis every weekend.
  11. Get out of Austin more.
  12. Take the Europe trip.
    (I bought a plane ticket two years ago but had a broken ankle, then a new puppy)
  13. Make a plan for Japan
    To hopefully go in 2018
  14. Spend time each week advocating for the world I want to see.
  15. Be involved in the 2017 Texas legislative session.
  16. Work specifically toward unseating hate monger Michael McCaul from my district.
  17. Work specifically toward unseating John Cornyn and Ted Cruz as my senators.
  18. Work specifically toward unseating Greg Abbott as Texas governor.
  19. Work specifically toward becoming an advocate for POC, instead of just an ally.
  20. Have uncomfortable conversations with my cousins about why they voted for Trump and continue to make them aware of what that means for the women around them.
  21. Do something nice for my mom each month.
  22. Call each of my favorite people once a month.
  23. And as a general rule...
  24. Show up.
  25. Pay attention.
  26. Don't be tied to the outcome.
  27. ✌️