National Boyfriend Day

Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva . Are my standards too high?
  1. Cary Fukunaga
    Oh, so you're insanely good-looking AND you re-made Jane Eyre for feminist reasons AND you also went on Alec Baldwin's podcast? I'll take it.
  2. Jake Silverstein
    Thanks for re-invigorating The New York Times Magazine, boo. I got a crossword I need your help with...
  3. Jason Segel
    You can talk to me about muppets all night long. 🍯
  4. Jesse Plemons
    Everyone says you're really nice and you can really rock a Stetson and I bet you can two-step pretty well and the ninth-generation Texan in me just can't handle it.
  5. Justin Trudeau
    Hiiiiiiii. Do y'all French in Canada or what?
  6. Chance the Rapper
    No words. 😍😍😍