1. Double-tapping that heart on all the lists I actually read and like, smile at, chuckle at, or am intrigued by.
    Sometimes I just forget to scroll all the way down and do this, I wish I didn't. You guys are great and these lists help me get through the day more often than not.
  2. Re-listing with gusto
    Why be stingy with this? I'm not really curating a feed, just give people the love!
  3. Hitting "Publish" more instead of "Save to Drafts"
    .... I have a bigass drafts folder. I promise to contribute more.
  4. Replying to the sweet and encouraging comments people leave on my lists.
    Comments make my day. I want to do a better job recognizing them and showing you how grateful I am that you took the time to read my list.
  5. Replying to the comments on my list I don't really understand, too.
    I can at least thank people for reading.
  6. Remembering that everyone is a flawed and wounded person doing the best that they can in a hard and fucked up world. That we are all going through our own lives the best we can and turning here for support in some way.
    Remembering that I am absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to be kind to a community of people wider than my immediate world, even if I sometimes cannot fully understand or empathize with 100% of what they share. I hope to do a better job not squandering that. Having the chance to honor someone else's experience is one of the greatest gifts in life.
  7. That's it. See you tomorrow. ❤️