1. I'm Suspicious
  2. I'm Intrigued
  3. I'm Giving It a Shot
  4. I'm Enjoying It
  5. I'm Mentioning It in Casual Conversation
  6. I'm Hooked
  7. I'm Getting My Food Delivered
  8. I'm Awake at 4 AM
  9. I'm Annoyed When I Have to Stop Watching
  10. I'm Mentioning It in All Conversations
  11. I'm Leaving It On in the Background While I Do Mandatory Human Being Things
  12. I'm Watching It on My Phone While It's Charging
  13. I'm Watching It at 4 AM on My Phone While It's Charging
  14. I'm Listing About It
  15. I'm Getting My Groceries Delivered
  16. I Cannot Be Bothered with My Friends and Family
  17. I'm Deep into the Fan Wiki
  18. I'm Unsure Whether to Continue Having Relationships with People Who Haven't Seen It
  19. I'm Dreading the End
  20. I'm Slowing My Pace
  21. I'm Delaying Watching the Last Episode
  22. I'm Finished
  23. I'm Impressed or Unimpressed
  24. I'm Not Sure How I Gained All This Weight
  25. I'm Antsy
  26. (Repeat)