Inspired by @theshome
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    ...was at a cast party for my high school musical of "Guys and Dolls".
    There's a lot to be learned about me from just that one fact.
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    The leads in Guys and Dolls were my older brother and none other than Lauren mothafuckin Worsham, who went on to be an actual Broadway star and win an actual Tony.
    She's the cutest.
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    Lauren was immensely talented and hardworking but also threw amazing parties. Her parents left town and let her host the cast party at their beautiful house, which we trashed.
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    My friends and I arrived straight after the show. Someone was passing out glow sticks. We were in the chorus and we were all still dressed as showgirls in red long-sleeved leotards. I kept my stage make-up on and left my hair curled, hair sprayed, and teased like my life depended on it. I was so into my drag.
    πŸ‘†πŸ»She stole my look.
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    My brother was bartending off of a Mexican talavera tile kitchen counter crammed with bottles newly robbed from the liquor cabinets of various choir parents. He made us orange juice margaritas that were surprisingly good and I believe I chased that with Jell-O shots and Smirnoff Ice.
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    All I remember listening to was Prince, all night. We had a very sloppy dance party for hours and played Pussy Control over and over and over. It was fantastic.
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    I was supposed to sleep in the pool house but someone was fooling around in there. Instead I made out with a guy named Devon and fell asleep at the bottom of a spiral staircase, curled around the last step, my head firmly glued to the Berber carpet fibers.
    Just realized I haven't used the term "fooling around" since losing my virginity.
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    Everyone spent the night and no one drove home. In the morning, someone made pancakes. My brother left without me and had to come back and pick me up. I was definitely still drunk. He might have been, too.
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    He instructed me to ignore my parents and go directly to the shower, and then take a nap.
    He did the same. We totally got away with it. We should have worked together more in high school.
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    A very positive and relatively tame experience.
    That I've been chasing ever since... πŸ™ƒ