What I'd Offer in The Mary Kathryn Monthly Subscription Box

  1. A Goldendoodle puppy
    But you can totes send him back when he pees in your house. I will have been missing him like crazy, anyway!
  2. Tennis Balls
    For the dog. He will be expecting you to throw this approximately every ten seconds. He doesn't care if you throw it in the same place every time.
  3. Pantone chips
    For the full effect, scatter them all over your desk and pray you didn't accidentally vacuum the one your client really liked.
  4. Breakfast Tacos
    Of the bean/potato/avocado/bacon/cheese variety. Prepare to be re-born.
  5. Levi's
    Cut-off's, culottes, or traditional 513's. The more worn, the better.
  6. Rollbahn notebook
    In gold, for sure. To be used only with
  7. Pilot Precise V5 pens
    So uniquely satisfying.
  8. YouTube Karaoke channel
    Get weird! Choose from Hamilton, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, 90's Alt Hits, Adele, Classic Country, or Beyoncé .
  9. Frosé
    Homemade by yours truly. Cheers!