Middle school is horrible for everyone.
  1. "Bisexual Barbie bitch."
    This one was carved into a table.
  2. "Ms. Pope is dressed like Batman."
    But an adult said I looked very "mod."
  3. "Without makeup on, Ms. Pope looks like the Grinch."
    I do not disagree.
  4. "Ms. Pope was obviously a goth in high school."
    If by "goth" you mean "wore a white ribbon in my ponytail every day." Also, double popped collars.
  5. "Ms. Pope's new haircut makes it look like her head is a weird shape."
    Well, your entire face is a weird shape because you're 12. Don't worry, you might grow into it.
  6. "She's really, really mean, but you gotta admit she's got good style."
    Not mad.
  7. "If Ms. Pope were a Greek god she'd be Hades."
    And this is my hell. Thanks!
  8. "Ms. Pope is a witch."
    I fully embraced this one, for obvious reasons.
  9. "I heard Ms. Pope wears all black because she has a black heart."
    My classroom management strategy is 85% wardrobe.
  10. "Ms. Pope looks different than she used to. It's kind of like Kim Kardashian."
    Is it?