What Sex Terms Mean

I'm an expert. Sex Ed in Schools is A-OK
  1. Road head:
    Oh that's when you're making out and suddenly the guys penis gets super hard for no reason and starts poking you. Its hard like cement, or "the road." Hence, road head.
  2. Doggy Style:
    When a guy licks right behind your ear or on your neck, like a dog, thats this.
  3. Blow Job:
    Sometimes when I'm kissing my boyfriend and he accidentally touches where my boobs are, he like throws up out of his penis into his pants, and then he has to go home and clean it up. It blows up like a volcano so its a "blow" job. Idk if its normal tho lemme know
  4. Birth control:
    When the girl squeezes and clenches her butt cheeks during sex, it means she wont get pregnant.