Unplanned emergency bomb threat
  1. This morning I received a phone call from the front desk of the hotel I am staying at. She informed me to vacate my room immediately. I asked if this was a hoax and she said no there is a water problem. I took the emergency exit and on my way down I noticed a bag on one of the stairs. I didn't think anything about it and continued down to a
  2. flooded lobby. The manager said one of the water pipes had burst. I stood looking at all of the bewildered faces around me and thought of the bag on the stairwell. I mentioned it to the manager who was drenched with water and watched him grab a couple of employees and run up the stairwell. He came back in a few minutes and told me
  3. everything was ok. I stepped back and thought about what had just happened. No alarm, no firemen and no bomb squad. I am sure this happens in many hotels because of bad publicity. The manager risked his life rather than call for help. So beware of hotels that don't really have you in mind for safety.