Documentaries I Watch Annually.

Jesus Camp is my Citizen Kane.
  1. Jesus Camp
    I actually own this movie. Rattails, hillbilly children speaking in tongues, and the teachings of glorious Becky Fischer abound.
  2. The September Issue
    I own this movie also. Sometimes on busy days at my STL-Based magazine I completely sympathize with Anna Wintour.
  3. Pink Ribbons, Inc
    I watch this every October like normal people watch Hocus Pocus.
  4. Dare to Dream: U.S. Women's Soccer
    I never played soccer. I never have paid attention to women's soccer. But I fucking love this movie. It oozes 1998-era girl power in the best way.
  5. Living Dolls
    I have been watching this regularly since like 2001. Toddlers and Tiaras but WAY BETTER.
  6. Nursery University
    Waspy New Yorkers worrying about which thousand-dollar preschool to send their toddler to? Sign. Me. Up.
  7. Grey Gardens
    I like to do a double feature of this and then the Lange/Barrymore HBO recreation right after and just think on how great Lange and Barrymore are.
  8. The Hollywood Complex
    The craziest girl in this one (on the poster) ends up being in a TSwift video, so, she really gets the last laugh I guess.