Jesus Camp is my Citizen Kane.
  1. Jesus Camp
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    I actually own this movie. Rattails, hillbilly children speaking in tongues, and the teachings of glorious Becky Fischer abound.
  2. The September Issue
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    I own this movie also. Sometimes on busy days at my STL-Based magazine I completely sympathize with Anna Wintour.
  3. Pink Ribbons, Inc
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    I watch this every October like normal people watch Hocus Pocus.
  4. Dare to Dream: U.S. Women's Soccer
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    I never played soccer. I never have paid attention to women's soccer. But I fucking love this movie. It oozes 1998-era girl power in the best way.
  5. Living Dolls
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    I have been watching this regularly since like 2001. Toddlers and Tiaras but WAY BETTER.
  6. Nursery University
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    Waspy New Yorkers worrying about which thousand-dollar preschool to send their toddler to? Sign. Me. Up.
  7. Grey Gardens
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    I like to do a double feature of this and then the Lange/Barrymore HBO recreation right after and just think on how great Lange and Barrymore are.
  8. The Hollywood Complex
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    The craziest girl in this one (on the poster) ends up being in a TSwift video, so, she really gets the last laugh I guess.