YES! The Mack Mule lives on! 👯👯
  1. Ice,
    Ice, baby
  2. 1 (or you know, 1 and a half) shot of Peach vodka
    I think they used Smirnoff?
  3. Ginger beer
    Gosling's is my go-to
  4. Fresh Mint
    Or was it basil? Crap--I'll find out.
  5. A #MarryMack handcrafted drink stirrer
    That Mary Mack made while watching First Wives Club months prior #truestory
  6. Lime wedge
    Okay so then mint makes way more sense then.
  7. A bartender at Hamilton's you think you *might* have gone to grade school with begrudgingly making it for you.
    Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact--shit, now you have to tip.
  8. Dan Beard giving a thoughtful/very father of the bride toast
    Just a few jabs at Mary partying too much in college and any excuse to make fun of the Cubs.