Husband is watching the blues/hawks game. Technically I qualify as a blues fan, though feelings are not strong in general. I'm kind of hungover so I don't want to leave our living room couch hence, my casually watching and this resulting list.
  1. Blues Coach Ken Hitchcock looks like the bad guy from Blank Check
  2. What's that actor's name?
    [IMDB search inserted here]
  3. Michael Lerner is that actor's name.
  4. Whoa Coach Hitchcock sounds like one of the Bill Swerski super fans from SNL.
    [google search for the name of that skit inserted here]
  5. That's ironic that he coaches for the team playing the Chicago team right now.
  6. I guess it's not really ironic.
  7. The Chicago accent is technically called 'inland north'
    [this is info I gleaned from snl skit Google search skit]
  8. I developed some 'inland north' tendencies when I was at U of I because all of my friends were suburb kids.
  9. Sometimes it comes back when I say words like 'basketball' and 'actually'
  10. Coors commercial just came on and it reminded me that yesterday a friend from central Illinois told me all of his hometown friends pronounce Coors 'Kers'
    This really annoys me and makes me embarrassed to be from a similar central Illinois town.
  11. that reminds me that my dad pronounces 'wash' as 'warsh'.
    Literally shutter thinking of this.
  12. Autocorrect literally recognized 'warsh' as 'Sarah' — that's how ridiculous that is.
  13. Do the announcers say the 'first' and 'second' instead of 'first period' and 'second period' because most men try and avoid using the word period completely?
    This is part of a larger theory I'm working on
  14. Because in basketball they always say 'first half'...
  15. And football they always include 'quarter'...
  16. Baseball ruins this idea I suppose.
  17. Our corgi puppy just farted and it is rank.
    Or my husband just farted and blamed it on the corgi puppy.
  18. Good thing our windows are open.
  19. God it is such a beautiful day outside
    [glances to the open window] I actually haven't been outside today...
  20. I should switch our laundry out.
    Ugh I don't want to.
  21. Wait the announcers just said period.
    So never mind.
  22. Three is such a wacky division of play time.
  23. I guess baseball's 9 is weird too.
  24. Husband just showed me this.
    Definitely closer to this than Michael Lerner.