1. Do celebrities just turn off the notifications on their phones? How do they know if someone they actually know tagged them in something? Is there a special filter for verified people? Or is there phone always going off with notifications and they just have to hand it off to their assistant Deborah and are like "ugh Deborah deal with this."
    And she's like in a quiet voice "...my name is Andria..." But she doesn't it anway. Andria, girl, you deserve better.
  2. I wonder what Daniel Radcliffe is doing right now...
  3. I will never visit every single place on this earth and that scares me.
  4. Thanksgiving is kinda a weird thing we do isn't it?
  5. When I dream do I actually wake up in my real life and I'm actually an 80 year old woman with amnesia that's drifting in and out?
  6. Shit Mary back peddle around from that corner geeeez...
  7. How would I explain to Aliens about the concept of singing? We're just saying words in a weirder way.
  8. Artemis Fowl was a good series.
    EXCEPT for the lasts ones which I did not read.
  9. Faces are weird.
  10. Letters are weird.
  11. What even is the letter, "W"?