Happy Birthday you absolute haaaaaaaag. I'll never say these things ever again so be grateful you BETCH. I will try and say all of these things without malice or sarcasm.
  1. Juliet is actually a pretty strong character and I think she was one of the first realistic role models shown on television that girls should actually look up to. Talk about girl power!
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  2. The 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean was the best, most definitely.
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  3. Hey! Heck yeah I'll watch 50/50 today! I'm totally feeling it. I think it's gonna be awesome because you fervently recommended it! Pshhh, nah I'm not gonna make you message me every day for a month and tell me to watch it! Your joy, is my joy.
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  4. You're lists always deliver and have much more consistency in quality than mine do! I support you and wish you only joy in your success even when my lists aren't doing so hot.
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  5. You're better than me.
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  6. Man! I just can't get over Juliet! She's honestly the best character in Lost. Hands down. I'm not even sorry.
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  7. Heck yeah I'll try Agents of Shield again! Maybe I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when I decided to write that show off! Everyone deserves a second chance, right?
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  8. Can you hold - nevermind. I can hold this on my own.
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  9. Hey! That 911 call that people blamed me for but it was actually you? Forget about it. It's in the past! Haha, we're good.
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  10. You know what? Fuck what everyone says. I support your childish habits of always getting the chicken tenders on the kids menu no matter what restaurant we go to.
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