Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Drawing
  2. Making salmon
    Oh damn I make a good salmon dish
  3. Finding the perfect Gif
  4. Riddles
    I'm p good.
  5. Dancing
    With ma MAHM
  6. Running/hopping over a root infested trail going down a mountain.
    I am so good at dodging roots.
  7. Juggling a soccer ball/ corner kicks
  8. Facial expressions that say "that's dumb" or "you're dumb" or "this is dumb" or "but why?"
  9. Making my mom laugh
  10. Teaching / Tutoring
  11. Summarizing all 11 seasons of Supernatural in less than an hour.
  12. Target shooting
    I'm a prettyyyyyyy good shot.
  13. Being unjustifiably and extremely confident for 5 minutes before I literally have to leave the room and throw up.
  14. Interviews.
    See above. I fuckin kill it in interviews.
  15. Dressing business professional.
    I have rocked multiple pant suits.